Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beauty of Impossible

Why does the heart always crave for the impossible stuff. Why doesn’t it make choices within the attainable limits, why does it always wish to cross the limits and break the barriers. Without a thought of the consequences or the people around, it just wants to be in the world it loves. The most ludicrous aspect is that the most desirable stuff suddenly appears nugatory when acquired!! Well I guess that is the human tendency to run after the “tough to get” things and then when you get them they get worthless. The whole beauty of the tough thing lies in its being tough!

Now I know that there are some things that can just be your fantasies....not real. You can love something being sure you can’t have it. I know its stupid but I do remember a line which says “dream but never on the condition of fulfilment” coz some things are better untouched as if the touch will depreciate the beauty. Whenever I come across something I desire but cannot acquire I always think that maybe god has something bigger in his mind for me. Something better. I read a quote somewhere, “God says yes and gives you what you want. Sometimes it says no and gives you better and sometimes it says wait and gives you the best”. I have dreamt of so many things so many times and some I eventually forgot while some I made myself forget, coz it is only when the final moment comes, that you actually evaluate the thing not just as a fantasy but from a possession point of view and then only can you value it in true terms. Then you realise whether it actually is worth having or not. If you find something worth having despite its negatives, despite all the problems it can bring along then only you can actually live with it coz “It is easy to fancy but tough to live”. But then it is amazing to see how some fantasies actually spice up your life.

There are times when you know it is all wrong but still it seems so very right. Sometimes you know it is going to hurt you in the end still you are happy to sojourn. This all seems so typically insane...but then who ever promised sanity...!!!! ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bidding you farewell….

Not really easy I must say but then as they say, every happy phase has an end. But I wonder is this really the end of this phase or just a change of path. Ofcourse things won’t be the same as they are now but then you never part from your loved ones for sure. Ofcourse now that they are not just a few steps away from your room in hostel, but then they are just a skype away….hopefully(considering the so bad bandwidth sometimes). But then we always have our favourite Gtalk which works all the time and where we are always online or idle and rarely offline!

It appears like a kaleidoscope of memories…starting from the 1st year. Whether it be the INTERACTION, or the fun in hostel, the never ending bakar sessions, the not so short breaks between the exams of gossiping, the dancing in Aurora, bitching about changu and mangu and yes there are some more additions in the list for sure ;), the freak outs…the list is actually endless. And how can I forget about the many of them..but now no senior :(. It has really been a fabulous period of fun and frolic. And now we stand here bidding you farewell. It is really not easy but then it is something we can’t escape from :(. Just wish to wish you good luck for the life ahead and yes we do love you a lot :).

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sometimes I wonder how suddenly some things and some people become so important in our life just out of the blue and then you lie there sitting and wondering oh my god! When did this happen or how did this happen and sometimes you wonder that how could u let it become so special for you? But yet you do get in craps like this very often and just as suddenly this thing or person had come into your life with the same pace they move out and leave their footprints behind and along with that some memories, incredible ones which you could have had only with those people.

Believe it or not but it is true that every individual has a different wavelength and just like the answers to the same question with different inputs can never be the same, the same way, sparks or the vibes between the people are all different. You enjoy different things with different people. Even the things you share with different people are different. And sometimes these sparks are just too good, too precious to lose but even then you do lose them and sometimes, just like their entry their exit remains a mystery. And what you can do is just nothing other than ponder over the possible reasons and at last after failing just move ahead. All of us do it so many times in our life but yet it pains...and yeah it pains like hell. Then the question arises in my mind why on the earth did that had to come into my life when it was bound to go or was it me who let it go?
But I guess in the end all happens for the best :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Certainty in Uncertainty

Well I totally agree on the fact that it is not as easy to maintain a blog as it is to start it and that very well signifies how maintenance ppl earn a lot more than the creators...nice irony to support :P. the main huddle to my maintenance work was actually the topic to discuss. I thought of so many things, so many came to my mind uninvited but then not evrything can be put up :P.
Well..then I did not actually think over it and just converted one of my best spice of life to this piece of writing..uncertainty....!!!! we all have heard and have well experienced this most uncertain flavour of our life that actually makes our life worth living. ever given a thought how lifeless the life would become if everything happening or to happen was known!! it would be so irksome to live that known life, to play that scripted learned role that the very zeal of life wil be lost. Will you participate in a competition if you knew you will not make it? Will you play a game if you knew you were to loose? Will you propose someone if you knew the answer was a no? will you ever commit any mistake? then how would you learn? then where will the great treasure"experience" come from? The uncertainty certainly makes life.

Shakespeare said that "the world is a stage" but I tell you the main difference between the stage and the world is that nothing is pre-scripted in the world. a moment of impulsiveness and the whole story takes a new direction, a very different from the previous one in fact. its never like the road journey where whichever direction you take, you can always land up at the same destination. our life and the destinations are gravely determined as well as changed by the small decisions we take, small mistakes we commit, the moments of impulse which sometimes take over and also our state of mind. some might feel how can the state of mind change our life but i would like to suggest them to have a look over their past, many of the things you did, would actually seem impossible to you if u were in a different mood then. as for me, I have a wide collection of such deeds myself :D. but then it does not imply that you need to control your mood or mind coz somethings are actually not possible n even if they are, they make you loose the very essence of life.

just look around yourself and feel the magic of uncertainty. the surprises you get, the expectations, small small worries, different plannings each day (mostly coz plannings mostly fail, but even then who stops planning?) are small instances of the zeal brought up by UNCERTAINTY. without uncertainty our dreams would be worthless. even the fascinaion for dreams lies in the heart of uncertainty coz if evrything was certain then where lies the scope for dreaming or hoping, where lies the scope to expect the unexpected? but yet so many of us are seen wishin or trying to know the future however with such unauthenticated means you are sure not of the future but definitely of the eerie consequences that follow. It is human nature to be so inquisitive for the unknown stuff but then sometimes, the whole beauty of the stuff lies in its being unknown!!!
so enjoy uncertainty in your lives.....

Friday, April 30, 2010

So another year of the colg lif has passed. Three years over out of five. Time goes so feels as if it ws just a day ago that i had entered the class and was asked to give my intro which afterwards created quite a scene although. celebrating with didi, meeting my new frnds, doing spicy gossips, which I had never done in skool!! New batchmates, seniors, tasks, ragging, all those things seem to hav just passed a day before. All of us were so innocent kids. Some of us had come out of home for the first time, while some had already tasted the hostel life. So many things have changed since. The impressions, the connections, the bondings, the friendship. Some good changes while some unwanted ones. Today after filling the BTP choice list I am seeing another big change of my life. Now v will b divided into mtech n mba students. Some faces woud be missing while some new ones would also be there. I’ll definelity miss those moments of 6 of us together in class. Whether it be timepass photography, REGULAR leg pulling of pav which surely is our favourite timepass, shouting, teasing, blushing and what not. We have done so many fundoo things together in class that the list cannot actually be framed.

Its really quite a nostalgic moment for me. This favourite weather of mine and these changes, these feelings..uff..i have exam tomorrow n m not at all in a mood to study L just 2 majors left n then 6th sem graduation wud be over. From now on it will be mtech. Finally mtech. After all those moments of many sessions of advises from seniors, so many tensions, worries, finally i am taking mtech. But what the most funny thing is that while writing the topics of BTP I was again thinking about mtech or mba!!!!! God..!! dunno whats the surprise hidden in the future for me coz this is actually getting weird. Till ma 10th I wanted to be a doctor. Till ma 2nd yr i wanted to take mba...but seems lik i never go along with my lets wait n watch what life has for us.